MvvmCross Upgrades ARGHHHHHHHHH

A while back (that's more then 6 years), I started to make the Arena Online games with MvvmCross to be able to support the Windows Phone and Android platform. To keep up with the framework during the years, I had to change some things now and then. Not very big deals, but there was never pressure to do them. So about a year ago the games were still on MvvmCross 4 without a problem, still compiling against the latest required Android SDK's required for publishing in the Play store. But then that one night, i still remember :-), the messages came. Apps crashed on startup when being compiled with the latest Android 10 SDK. To compile against Android 10, your app requires at least MvvmCross 6.......The deadline is November 2020.......

So long story short......I'm migrating the apps to MvvmCross 6.4.1. First from 4 to 5, the biggest thing is the migration of all the libraries and PCL's to .Net Standard. And then from 5 to 6 where the navigation seems to be the biggest change... But as always stay cool and take the migration step by step. :-) 

Keep you posted!


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